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1 Step Back 3 Steps Forward

You’re familiar with the reality of “one step forward, two steps back.” This week’s video teaches you to flip that script – take ONE strategic step backward, and THREE or MORE steps forward!” Stop exhausting yourself, and increase your clarity, purpose, and power!



Sometimes it feels like we’re taking one step forward, then two steps back. But what if we could leverage a strategic step backward to propel forward progress? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose, Stepping Back.
Backslides are extremely unsettling and unexpected, as if you’ve just lost traction or control. You’re trying harder, moving faster, and doing all you can, and it still isn’t enough. You’re expending energy inefficiently. And that’s generally a good signal that in order to avoid the next backslide, you should take a backwards step.
Stepping back allows you to disengage the challenge and the pressure to “do something, now,” in order to determine what exactly needs to be done. Maybe get a different, higher perspective, reorient your direction, or reconnect to purpose. Where do you want to be going, and why? Instead of continuing to struggle with inadequate skills and tools, maybe you need to retool, learn, or practice. Clearly you aren’t quite as ready as you thought. And that’s okay. Backslides happen when we have unrealistic expectations and focus on outcome over process. When you own the process, there really is no backslide, only critical learning and then necessary adjustments to move forward more effectively. A step backward becomes forward progress when motivated by honesty. So put your ego in check, because this isn’t personal. It’s purposeful.
Stepping back isn’t a delay tactic, but a mechanism for acceleration. Like winding a spring to build force, you can’t just keep it there, or keep winding indefinitely. You release it to realize not just one or two, but three times the confidence, clarity, precision, or efficiency. Step back too far, or for too long, and you may lose momentum.  So please realize, this is a strategy you can often execute quickly – in hours, minutes, or even moments.
When you redeploy your efforts, it’s on. Lean in, attune to your adjustments and improvements. Trust your elevated perspective and new approach. Expect great results, and notice the changes that unfold.  Throughout this week, employ purposeful back steps as instruments to excel, and you will be Off Balance On Purpose.


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