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      1,000 Catches

      Do you view discipline as a punishment or as an opportunity to grow? Becoming disciplined to do what’s necessary is the skill that separates those who accomplish their goals from those who simply imagine a better future. And it doesn’t take as long as you might think. The real key is consistency. In this short video, Dan will teach you the mindset, as well as a plan of daily action to strengthen your discipline in just 30 days.

      The Breakthrough Experience

      Dan shares an important announcement this week as well. He will be hosting a Breakthrough Experience weekend November 30 through December 2. Check out the video for details!

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    • Kurtz Tak says:

      Ah Dan you left out the banking away catches,so don’t have to start from zero if you drop.
      It could spot to other people version of 1000 catches. To stop before dropping if you know you will drop soon or a recovery catch. It was a good discipline you shared with me.

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