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      3 Tracks for Change

      Are you on the right track? This week’s video will help you evaluate and adjust your direction for greater joy and satisfaction.



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      Are you on the right track? And if not, how will you know, and how will you change? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose in Tallahassee.
      We’re in Florida this weekend, where Maggie is auditioning for FSU’s Musical Theater program. It’s a big year of choices for her – where to spend the next four years, and what to study. And as you know, there is a lot of pressure in picking the right track. Will this uncertain school, job, journey, or decision, deliver the opportunities and future you ultimately want? And what if you’re wrong?
      Rather than thinking of our choices as right or wrong, I believe we need to look at them differently. Regardless of the what or the where, here are three ways we all should grow and change, so that we’ll look back from the future with true satisfaction.
      1. Understanding
      Are you on an intentional journey of learning? What will you know a year from now that you don’t know today? How about a decade? Go deep into what interests you, stretch your skills, and broaden your appreciation of what you don’t yet understand.
      2.   Creativity
      Your life leaves a trail. What will you produce in works and results? And this doesn’t have to be a symphony or artistic portfolio. This is about the countless choices and contributions, both small and large that will accumulate over time. Is your creative mark intentional?
      3.   People
      In the end, it’s the people you know and influence who give the journey meaning. Are you in a community of people you enjoy and respect? Are you elevating others, while changing you?
      It’s not just about picking the right school, career, or city. It’s about daily choices from a larger context. And these three tracks  – understanding, creativity, and people – will help you maintain perspective and create big changes, regardless of the station you occupy. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.
    • Owen Skinner says:

      Great insight for individuals and groups, Dan! I look forward to sharing this with my church’s vision team. Thank you!

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