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      Accelerating Excellence

      Are you unknowingly slowing your own progress and diminishing your performance? This week’s video helps you answer that question and provides three keys to accelerate your progress on the path to excellence.



      Without even realizing it, you may be slowing your progress and diminishing results. Let’s help you accelerate to excellence!
      Excellence isn’t accidental. It’s a byproduct of behaviors and choices that position you to do well. Create your advantages. Apply your effort. Prepare, and engage opportunities. Test yourself, asking “How well can I do? How good can I become?”
      Many fear that answer will be “not good enough.” And so, consciously or unconsciously, they create challenges, distractions, and excuses. Instead of aligning with experts, they seek lower standards and safe bets. The problem is, “playing it safe,” all but ensures slow progress and sub par performance. Here are three keys to help accelerate your excellence.
      1. Learn from the BEST. Beware advice and discouragement from those who haven’t learned or accomplished what you desire. Select your teachers carefully, as those who are both qualified and capable of teaching.
      2. Be Ruthlessly Honest. Own your abilities, and let your work and performance speak for itself. You’re on a learning curve, which may require extended, diligent effort before the rapid rise. So own your level and limitations now, so that you can own your progress and achievements later.
      3. Manage Your Focus. When you set about learning and working, block the time and engage it like the most important thing in your life. For the time you commit, do ONLY that. Turn off your cell phone. Close your apps. Give yourself the freedom to focus on what’s right in front of you, allowing your current best to arrive.
      Marginal mentors, self deception, and fragmented focus promote slow growth and justifiable failure. Choose the best teachers, ruthless honesty, and a focused effort, and now you’re positioned for rapid progress and eventual success. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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