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Acceptable Cost

Any undertaking and every choice you make carries with it a cost. Will the price of your success, or your inaction, ultimately be acceptable? There’s more to consider than you might think.

  • Alan says:

    right on target for me throughout the life I chose to live the past 43 years when I left a secure professional life, a painful marriage, and my sons behind to create a LIFE WITH PURPOSE that I was PASSIONATE about.

  • George Walther says:

    One of your very best. And Dan, that means a lot considering your “average” video is superb.

  • Joe says:

    *Mind blown* This video was like you are in my head with what I have been thinking about a lot lately. I say this in a good way and….. a little eerie. Your videos are inspirational and I appreciate the motivation and thought generation I get out of engaging with the content you create.

  • Thank you for sharing this..

  • Tak Kurtz says:

    Hey Dan, funny thing I needed to listen again to that without seeing the screen, too many of the back grounds distracted me as they were childhood memories!
    My family always had dinner at Anthony’s next to the star of India, which is now gone ( where you were standing!).
    Anyhow Great message and one I already think of a lot. As much as you speak about off balance…this one deals with a balance and cause and effect.
    So many hours in a day, and so many days in a life. Dealing with my teenage son and his AHAD / game addiction.
    We know as performers that our skills came from investment, very tough now with my son, as I can’t relate.
    I try to use my time wisely…knowing that there will be lot’s of time to sleep after I’m not a live.
    But we will always regret…when we look back and know that we could have done more for others…in our own circle.
    Love the videos!

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