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      Accountability and Discipline

      This week, Dan goes into the woods atop a mountain unicycle to talk about discipline and accountability. Watch this video for the action-packed footage and the action-oriented message.

    • Beth Clark says:

      Once again, Dan, you’ve delivered the message I needed to hear at exactly the time I needed to hear it. THANK YOU!

    • Tony Ingle says:

      Awesome ! Thanks! U R D MAN ! Perfect Timing !

    • tak kurtz says:

      yep that is it! Well said …as always! You know I went to school with a guy that was a pioneer in mountain unicycling…but in a more extreme version , not mountain paths, but down mountain faces on shale slides…basically you are downhill skiing on your uni, each turn slowing you down as you dig your weight back into the shale. I think you would love trying it.

    • Mike Rayburn says:

      One of your best. Love the point about the difference between accountability and discipline. You can’t outsource discipline. Tweet that.

    • Pam Kennedy says:

      Perfect timing. It is all about the discipline and I definitely need personal discipline in my life. Looking forward to you going further in depth on discipline. Thank you

    • INDIA J WILLIS says:

      I so needed this right now. I see how accountability and discipline can be intertwined but have very distinct actions. I need to get a coach, thanks Dan.

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