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Activating Resilience

Do you struggle getting up from low moments, or bouncing back from set backs?  This week’s video will help you take charge and activate the resilience that is within you!



We all have down days, low moments, and even losing streaks in life. So how can you create an upturn and propel yourself to better circumstances? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose, activating resilience.

Do you remember a time when you were confident, in control, and felt unstoppable? At those moments, it feels like you’re on a roll that simply won’t end… until it does. Human beings have high moments and lows – weaknesses, distractions, mistakes, and challenges that rock our worlds.

The goal isn’t to eliminate downturns, but to make them as short as possible. That’s called resilience. And it means recovering quickly, or “springing back,” as in elasticity.

Resilience comes from the Latin word, “resilire,” meaning “to leap back.”  A leap. An action. A burst of energy. Leaping requires great effort, a full, coordinated commitment, and a desired landing spot.

First you need to decide. Is your life going to be mostly lows with occasional highs, or would you rather it be the other way around?  I believe that your natural, normal state is one of health, peace, productivity and joy. Happiness shouldn’t be a distant concept but a daily reality. You’ve been there before, and you can get back there again!

It’s not about surviving the slog and hoping that it ends soon. Resilience is deciding that your current state is intolerable and acting, now, to change it. Leaping requires a sense of urgency, and and a full coordinated powerful effort. As if you’re standing on a crumbling platform, and you must act immediately to survive and inspire others.

Observe your circumstances, objectively. Is this what you want? Is this who you are and how you want to spend the majority of your moments? If not, know that resilience is within you, right now, but you must activate it. Leap upward, toward inspiring ideas, better outcomes, and a plan of action that you will envision and commit to. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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  • Larry Edelen says:

    Thanks Dan…… great message this week. Very timely for me.

  • Lucinda Wayland Connelly says:

    Thanks, Dan. This is just what I needed to help me propel out of the “slump”.

  • Sue Aldrich says:

    Thank you Dan. I listen to your messages weekly and the positivity in them is appreciated.

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