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Adjust Your Default

Life moves fast, and your first reaction dramatically shapes your future reality. Is it helpful? Or even intentional? Today let’s adjust your “default response” to serve you BEST!

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Life moves fast, and your first reaction dramatically shapes your future reality. Is it helpful, or even intentional? Today, let’s adjust your default response.
It seems like life can be a series of new tests, but it’s actually a repeating pattern of similar moments. And your “default response” to what happens can position you for the better, or perpetuate frustration. The key is to improve your default over time.
Notice when you’ve encountered a situation and immediately became defensive or assumed that others’ motives are harmful. Some default to finding fault, or to immediate skepticism. And this may seem helpful, but as a “default” to any new situation, it can be extremely unhelpful over time. Think of all the opportunities you will miss, the people you will distance yourself from, and the time you will waste presuming the worst.
By adjusting your “default” to a more positive setting, you will engage the flow of what is happening. Assume the best of others, and their motives, and that opportunities to further your goals and ambitions will naturally and gracefully arrive. When they do, recognize them as part of an unfolding order that serves your needs, rather than threatens your foundation.
Look, I get that we live in a scary world. And if you’re tuned in constantly to that negativity loop, your default will be to protect, distance, and stop change in its tracks. But just think how that loop will limit both your present experience and your future possibilities.
When you don’t know for certain, choose the default that serves you best. Presume that people are pleasant, and even when they’re not, that it’s not about you, it’s about them. Empathize with their struggles for confidence, and stand tall in your belief that you deserve joy and opportunity. You know what you want, and default to positive expectations and helpful perspectives.
This week, adjust your “default settings” to better serve your future outcomes. Rather than a reflex, let’s lean toward the positive, Off Balance On Purpose.


  • Kurtz Tak says:

    Default…good advice! Great video… but wondered for a change where you were. Haha

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      Tak, this one was shot at home… in our neighborhood. Love this spot, really, and I think it will be my “default” location for when doing videos while off the road. We love the morning sunrise, especially!

  • Barb Bleiler says:

    I would love if you might expand on this a little more on how to work on being more positive in such a negative environment as this is becoming such a pervasive reality. This is a great start.

  • What a great expansion of the “Assume Positive Intent” mantra that I’ve picked up over the years. An open mind and open heart in times of surprise or change can go a long way to keep a situation in check and reality-based.

    Thank you for this reminder!

    Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care

  • If that’s your backyard, I’ll be right over.

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