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Afghanistan 3

Mines are everywhere you look in Bagram. The powerful image on the right is framed and displayed at Headquarters.

14 March, Bagram, Afghanistan
0623 Zulu, 1053 local, 1:00am back home


It is another breathtaking day in Bagram with clear skies and gorgeous views of the Hindu Kush Mountain Range. Yesterday (Sunday) was a day of renewal for us, including a meeting with Colonel Algermissen, church services, exercise, and even a massage at the Day Spa/Barber Shop. We also had a fantastic show here last night for about 300 soldiers. How immensely gratifying to perform for them and, especially, have them approach us afterward and offer their appreciation. Of course, we tell them that we are the ones who appreciate them, and this incredible opportunity to be a part of their experience.


We are learning one important aspect of that lifestyle- maintain a constant state of readiness, expect the unexpected and be adaptable. We found out yesterday that we would not be performing today in Asalabad (A-Bad for short) as all of the helicopters were needed on missions. An alternate plan was considered which would have put us on a convoy to Kabul for a show. But, again, the personnel needed to form the convoy were not available. So, we are staying here in Bagram and will deliver a “command performance” for the people who didn’t get a chance to see us last night.


It’s a bit of a disappointment, as we all wanted to get out to the bases farther downrange, where we know the need for entertainment is high. But, we know our troop is only a small part of a much larger undertaking.


We are hoping to also perform for the Sergeant Major Green’s “Good Boys and Girls,” a group of locals who work here at the base. It’s a wonderful program which teaches positive values and builds trust among the local population, as it also employees the kids in helpful roles. I’ll be writing and talking about that more in future sessions.


Because this base is built on a minefield, there are explosions happening throughout the day. But, they are controlled explosions as charges are taken to safe areas and destroyed. The other day when our Black Hawk landed, we heard blast and saw a huge cloud of dust take over the sky. It was a little unnerving.

Tomorrow we head to Qatar.

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(L)Sunrise at Bagram. (L-R Front) Todd, or roommate Jason, Dan (L-R Back) Spencer, John

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