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AI and the Human Reunion

Artificial Intelligence tools are rapidly expanding and will soon transform many aspects of our lives and careers. Given that reality and resulting potential benefits and concerns, what should we be doing now to preserve our humanity? Let me share some perspective and suggestions from our family reunion in Indiana.



Where does artificial intelligence meet human connection? Let’s reunite with what’s essential.

I’m at a family reunion, where we’re taking just a few days to realign priorities and release, at least temporarily, the complexities and constant push of life. Perhaps we can remember where we came from and reconnect to a simpler time when our lives weren’t ruled by technology and the necessity of something more and whatever is next.

My family is from Poland, and then the Midwest. Our first reunions were here in Indiana on a family farm. A generation ago, things were remarkably simpler. Harder in many ways, which required more of us: Physical labor. Broad knowledge. Creative problem solving. And the capacity to connect with people. All kinds. To learn, laugh, and live. Face to face. Not just for fleeting encounters, but for long hangs and deep conversations.

I think this is one of the reasons people listen to podcasts and binge watch shows. On a human level, we long for deeper connections and lengthier visits with other interesting characters. It’s also part of the allure and intention of AI – to replicate and mass distribute human intimacy.  Very soon, your AI will know you better than anyone and anticipate your needs and wants. And you don’t even have to remember its birthday.

If you’re concerned this may lead to even greater isolation, manipulation, and dependency, well, those are not unfounded fears. AI has incredible power and promise for humanity. Yet, every upside has a potentially proportional downside. And as we’re rapidly venturing into uncharted territory at scale, it will be fascinating.

Given this massive uncertainty, I strongly encourage you now to reunite with people you know and your capacity to connect with people you don’t. Reclaim your ability to think for yourself. Examine your sources. Look back at history as well as forward. And get good at the long hang.  New technologies promise simplicity, but speed and complexity has never been greater. We can’t just give issues a passing glance or “talking point” response. We must get back to our roots as thinkers. Doers. Problem solvers. People people.

Go deeper into personal connections. Be bolder in discussing current and coming issues. And hang longer, past the easy outs or low level understanding. Because humanity, we’re in this thing together. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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