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Do your ambitions drive you, or intimidate you? And just how do you turn ambition into consistent progress? This week’s video will show you how to add greater purpose to your desires and propel ambition into action!





What role does ambition play in your motivation and your potential? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose, in Dallas.
I’m in Dallas today speaking for the world’s largest direct seller of energy. The conference theme is “Ambition,” which means different things to each of us. And that word, ambition, forces some questions: What drives you? What matters? And how will you spend your energy?
When you think of someone ambitious, does that seem positive or negative? Does being ambitious appeal to you, or does that sound overly exhausting?  Well, it depends on how you view ambition: As an obligation or an opportunity? A desire to get, or a desire to grow? You’re watching these videos, which I appreciate, because you want to get better faster, so in that sense you are ambitious in that you believe you can become more capable, have more abundance, that your present moments matter. And that your future will be positive and bountiful.
Ambition can be self-serving, to gain and to get, which is fine. Focused. But ultimately, can be less rewarding than expected. But when your ambition incorporates serving others, your purpose becomes be supercharged. I want you to get what you want, and be overflowing with joy and gratitude. So let’s broaden your ambitions with a few specific questions.
1. What do you want to attain, do, or become? In other words, what are your specific ambitions?
2. Why does that matter? What makes you willing to do all that will be required?
3. Who will be impacted and influenced? When your accomplishment is greater than you, you’ll be driven and energized.
4. What’s next? What greater ambition can only be realized from the platform of this success?
5. How will you get started? Every ambition begins with a single, purposeful action.
Make today the day you answer these questions and embark on a new ambition. Or if that journey is already underway, turn up the “why power” to speed your progress and spread your influence. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose!
  • Kurtz Tak says:

    Hahahahaha awesome closing!!!

  • Thank you for sharing your insights with us. It was an honor to be in the audience

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      Thank you, Karen! Ambit was an “off the charts” experience, and you all were the perfect punctuation to that video message! Thanks for checking in and staying tuned!

  • Bobbi Harper says:

    Thank you for energizing my Ambition experience!!

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