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And Then Some

This final video of 2020 will help you finish the year strong and position yourself for a fantastic 2021! You’ll learn how to take control of your personal standards and gain tremendous benefits that will enrich your life!



Before the year is done, do you have a bit of unfinished business? This final week of 2020, let’s go Off Balance On Purpose… and then some.
I almost skipped this week’s video, and totally could have. I mean, it would not have been a big deal. Totally justifiable. And nobody would have criticize or thought less of me… except maybe, me. Then I had another thought. Why not just one more? I mean, I haven’t skipped a week yet this year. Why would I start now, so close to the finish line?
If I could distill the most successful aspects of my life to one simple statement, it would be this: along the way, with regards to what matters most, I consistently chose to do what was required… and then some.
If you consistently ratchet up your standards, ever increasing the standard and self-imposed difficulty than you will:
1. STAND OUT by far.
2. Multiply your IMPACT.         
3. See RESULTS more quickly.
4. Learn what WORKS (and doesn’t), far faster.
5. and Have more FUN 
So instead of just keeping up, or getting by. Define your own personal standard of satisfaction.
Do what’s necessary … and then some.
Do what’s important … and then some.
Do what’s right, good and kind … and then some.
Do what’s harder, but better… and then some.
Resolve, right now, before the end of this year, to make 2021 YOUR most meaningful year yet… and then some. Subscribe to this series, and I’ll help guide your way. Until next week, and stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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