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      Another Right Answer

      Life is NOT a “pass or fail” test. This short video will help you free yourself from the fear of failure and find multiple right answers wherever you look.



      Do you view life as a challenging test where you must discern the absolute, best option? Or do you see multiple right answers all the time? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose in Steamboat Springs, CO.
      I’m at Steamboat ski resort on a family vacation, and it has been incredible. This mountain is so vast and amazing, that every time you get off a ski lift, you get to choose; which direction, difficulty, and experience you want to have next. Regardless of your skill level, there are abundant, excellent answers.
      It is so empowering to view life choices, business decisions, and creative pursuits with much the same attitude. Rather than feeling like you’re in a “pass or fail” exam, where you must figure out the only correct option, consider that you, too, have an abundance of “right answers.”
      This is a technique I use all the time, first introduced by my great friend, Giovanni Livera. When brainstorming ideas in our mastermind group, and considering a promising possibility, Gio would often say, YES, and another right answer is… Before we knew it, we were discussing not just one, but many different excellent answers. And quite often the one that rang the most true was not the first, but the third or the fifth, or a combination of several.
      When considering a situation, a family challenge, a professional decision, or a creative problem, realize that there’s not just one way, buy many ways you can get it right! Traveling to new places and meeting people from all walks of life teaches you that there’s an infinite number of ways to live your life, express your uniqueness, and be happy. And when you free yourself from the false choice of an “either, or” existence, you open up new possibilities you’ve never even considered.
      How do you want to improve yourself? Help others? Enjoy life? Achieve success? Learn? There’s not just one path to progress, but unlimited right answers, and you get to explore and experiment with what’s most meaningful to you!
      So, the next time you’re deciding what to do, try using the technique of “another right answer,” and I promise you’ll feel empowered as you realize you get to carve your own trail through life, leaving tracks that reflect your presence, your uniqueness, and your positive choices. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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