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Are You a Person of Principle?

Are you a person of principle? Watch this two minute video to find out.



How do you live your values when times are really challenging? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose, and on principle.

What really matters to you? Your “rules for life?” Do you know? And if so, will you apply them in the future, or use them now, even though these days are different, and especially difficult?
Here’s the thing. If you aren’t living your values during hard times… then they aren’t really your values. Proud people proclaim what is right, just, and important. Principled people prove it, not to others, but to themselves, through thousands of choices and actions, small and large, that eventually become the fabric of self.
Are you a person of principle? Or, are your rules “situational,” granting yourself permission to suspend, or slacken, until the ideal circumstances arrive? And if they never do, then who will you have been?  In the end, all we have is the life we live and the principles that we lived by. When it’s hard, it’s time to double down on what you believe.
So here are a few of my principles for inspiration, and for my accountability.
Honor God.
Love all.
Emulate few.
Do what’s hard.
Do what’s right.
Failing = learning.
Be honest.
Be loyal.
Be excellent.
Family first.
Support my country.
Do the work.
Have fun.
Help people.
Presume positive.
Forgive fast. 
Embody health.
Exude love.
Be present.
Be yourself.
It’s always about now. This is the moment that you get to decide or discover who you really are. When nobody’s watching. And the “easy way” is totally understandable. When less is justified. And even though we are imperfect and will fall short at times. We recommit … because it’s tough and it matters.
Don’t make exceptions. Be exceptional. You are a person of principle, and every day you can choose to feel the joy and power of proving it, to you. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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  • Deborah Moore says:

    Thank you. Great reminder not to practice “situational ethics”
    When times get tough.
    I remember the first time I heard you speak. So glad to get these “ pearls of wisdom” weekly.
    God Bless, stay well and off balance on purpose!

  • Excellent thought for today Dan. The distinction is so clear and, sadly, I know too many people who don\’t recognize the difference. Thank you for this!

  • Michael DAgostino says:

    I am with SP Plus Corp and have listened to your videos over the years. The video today, July 14, was maybe one of your best, not for the videography but the message which is so relevant today. While I am sure you do not want to become \”preachy\” in your message and are careful to bring your faith into the discussion, I found it inspiring that you put \”God\” at the top of your priority list. In these times, I think God has to be our grounding principle and only from there can we become the best versions of ourselves and do good for our communities. Keep up the great work.

  • Dan, thanks so much for continuing to post your messages during these strange and difficult times. I found this week\’s video to be especially powerful, and I appreciate it very much!

  • Sallie Chastain says:

    Over the past 15 years I have been in your presentations three times. Your willingness to share these well-presented videos of encouragement, guidance and wholesome reminders for living day-to-day in these times are much appreciated.
    May all be well for you and yours.

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