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At What Cost

At a time of increased prices and more scrutinized choices, have you considered the total costs of your intentions? This week’s video will help you get clear on the price of what you will or won’t do next.



What do you want to accomplish, do, or become? And what is the price you’re willing to pay? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose, calibrating cost.
We go down the road of achievement asking, “What is my next move?” But rarely do we take the time to answer the question of total cost. And make no mistake, whether you’re building a successful business, a strong body, or a fantastic relationship,  everything comes at a cost.
Of course, we want all of the above, and I believe that’s doable with self honesty, discipline, and a mindset toward creating synergy – alignment of what matters most to you. Yet if you’re wondering why you just can’t seem to get there, its far easier to project blame and excuses than admit you didn’t anticipate the realistic cost of your intention.
Do you want to make that deadline? Great! What’s the cost of doing so? Is that goal important to you? Excellent. Prove it by demonstrating you understand and accept the cost of what you must do AND what you now cannot do in exchange. That second category, or opportunity cost, is easily overlooked, thinking we can somehow circumvent reality.
Want to chill out, relax, or escape into oblivion? You’re welcome to. What’s the total cost of those choices, short term and long term? And are you willing to pay it?
The experience of COVID made us all aware of costs we’d been paying without realizing it. For me, it was travel. I didn’t fully calibrate how much time I traded to grow my business and keep my professional commitments. It’s hard to reconcile irretrievable moments missed, and I now calculate those choices a bit differently.
When you realize you’re unwilling to pay a particular cost in exchange for an opportunity or accomplishment, that does not admit failure. It claims clarity. There is amazing strength and power in releasing unacceptable exchanges. So, recalibrate the true cost of what you want, and until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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