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Attention to Detail

Getting it Done vs. Getting it Right

My wife saw this mailbox while driving through a nearby neighborhood last week and stopped to take a photo. After all, there would be no other way to adequately explain it to me. Mailbox frontThis has to be, quite possibly, the world’s worst brick mailbox.

I sense that there is a really good story here. Perhaps this was a husband’s attempt to satisfy his wife’s desire for a “classy brick mailbox.” If so, I doubt she was satisfied.

Or maybe it was a door to door contractor (emphasis on “con”) who offered, “Hey, I’ll build you a brick mailbox for a hundred bucks cash!”

Regardless of the story or circumstances, what remains (proudly displayed in the front yard) is an example of “getting it done” without much regard to “getting it right.”

Quality Communicates

While completion is commendable, quality speaks for itself. And any job we do, of any size, presents an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to quality.

Attention to detail is an expression of pride and, truly, self-worth. Every outward action is an expression of who you are, or wish to be. Our creations, deeds and words, leave a tangible trail of our impression upon our world.

What will be your “lasting impression?”

Like it or not, how you speak, work, and act will result in your reputation for excellence, or inadequacy. The good news is that your reputation and day-to-day experience is in your control. Try these suggestions to ensure your actions leave a mark you are proud of.mailbox back

  • Be intentional, not reactive. Life is what you make it, not what happens to you.
  • If you don’t know, learn. Information and instruction is so easy to find in today’s world, there’s no excuse for “winging it.”
  • Start small. Even the smallest jobs, such as how you park your shopping cart at the grocery store, communicate something about you. When you elevate your attention to the small details and actions, you develop the habit of excellence that transfers to everything you do.
  • Add your personal signature. Since every action is an expression of you, make it the best version of who you are, or who you want to be. Add your personality and distinction as you move through life.
  • Follow through. Finish what you start, and finish well. Where others walk away from a job, take another look at what could be done to improve it. Leave every encounter, job site, and situation better because you were a part of it.

Attention to detail isn’t just about results. It’s about the experience. When you take pride in your work and words, life becomes more meaningful and more fun. The world becomes your “front yard,” and your actions become monuments worth remembering.

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