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      Back to School

      If you could learn anything, what would you choose? And how do you get started in the midst of your busy life? You don’t have to go away to college to go “back to school.” This week’s video will jumpstart your next adventure in learning!

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      Are you learning by necessity and also by a curriculum you select for your life?
      This week we’re back in school in Boston.

      Well I’m not back in school but my son is. He just transferred from one great school to another. From High Point University in North Carolina, to Berklee College of Music here in Boston. And I admire Eddie so much for going after this. He wanted to be among the best musicians and resources in an environment that truly challenged him and so he made it happen, auditioned, was accepted with a scholarship, and now he’s just starting his next chapter of learning.

      I asked myself, would I have done that? Am I willing to leave the successful familiar, in order to tap into the challenging unknown? And if so, what would that look like? For all of us lifelong learning is a reality. Sometimes it’s the school of hard knocks, tests of courage and fortitude. I’m facing some of those right now; unpleasant requirements to honor my
      commitments and responsibilities. But there’s also the school that we get to select.

      If you could learn anything, and by the way you can, what would it be? A year from now you could have a profound
      new understanding, or a skill that you don’t possess today. In five years, you can be a master of what is now just a
      seed of ambition. What is it? And, understanding that the years will pass anyway, what can you do today to enroll?

      Number one, commit to a course. Get specific about exactly what you’re learning next.

      Number two, choose your teachers. In person, in print, or online, decide who you admire study and emulate.

      Number three, schedule your lessons. It only happens if it’s on your calendar with regularity.

      Number four, decide on an end goal celebration. When will you graduate and what will that feel and look like?

      And number five, show up for class. Learn intentionally, every day.

      Whether it’s signing up for a class, or a personal course of study, let’s all go back to school. Decide what you desire
      and then pursue your lifelong limitless potential for learning. Until next week stay Off Balance On Purpose.

    • Rod Hames says:

      It is not often you find someone like your son who emulates a passion for excellence. Thanks for sharing his story with us all today. It gives me great hope for our future society and what can be achieved when there is a pursuit of learning and discovery of the God given talents and gifts to each of us.

    • Diana Thurmon says:

      Loved the video….can’t wait to see Boston and that handsome son of yours again also! Glad he made a couple appearances in this one. Yesterday I started learning how to read music…..and am also learning to play pickle ball here in our great community. Great message~

    • Kurtz Tak says:

      Wicked!! In my old haunts! Eddie will run into perhaps some old friends. I am proud of him!!

    • Mike Rayburn says:

      Inspired by our sons… I get it. This point is huge and I pray people get it. Jump in, learn, practice, fail, get up, and succeed. Great post, Dan!

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