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Back Up

This week, instead of urging you forward, I want you to take a strategic step back. In less than two minutes, this video will help you to lower anxiety, adjust your perspective and ensure that you’re heading in the right direction.





This week, instead of championing forward, I want to encourage you to back up. We’re Off Balance On Purpose in Pleasanton, California.
I often advocate leaning in to create change and advance forward progress. But sometimes, going forward requires that you intentionally back up.  I want you to “back up” this week, not just just because it’s Thanksgiving. Although I do wish you a rejuvenating holiday with those you love. And also, I want you to develop the skill of backing up, especially when stressed or overwhelmed.
Overwhelm hits you when you’re thinking about a future moment or test when you’ll need to rise to meet a new challenge.
But here’s the thing. You don’t have to meet that challenge today. So back up. Take in the wider view of the path between then and now. And realize, there is something you can do extremely well today to become prepared and ready. Here are four examples:
1. Who can you talk to or add to your team?
2. What do you need to read and learn?
3. What skills need honing, and how will you practice?
4. What small tasks, if completed now, will make a big future difference.
Also… Back up to learn from the past, so you don’t make similar mistakes.  Back up to ensure you’re assumptions are accurate.
Back up your words and intentions with consistent action. Follow through on your promises to to others, and to you.  When you back it up, regularly, you’ll make more confident progress. And when that future test arrives, it will just be another moment for which you have well-prepared. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.
  • Diana Thurmon says:

    Great message as usual….and Pleasanton…..what a lovely town….I want to visit there some day.

  • Mike Rayburn says:

    Excellent point once again! I have nothing to add except it, I’m gonna take your advice this week.

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