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How to have a better life!

This week’s video may seriously impact the way you view your life, as well as your ability to more fully experience joy and satisfaction.



Take your life seriously, and yourself un-seriously. This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose, talking big picture.
You are captain of your life, choosing, doing, speaking. And yet none of it is ultimately about you. Not really. You’re a transient soul, in a temporary existence, like billions before you and billions more to come. After you’re gone, your mark upon people and places will persist, always in some ways, and increasingly less over time.
So what is your life about? What will you, as sole captain of your mind, body, words, and causes, choose to do? What will you champion? Or will you just go along, bide your time, and serve your personal needs?
I believe we’re called to participate in the flow of goodness, driven by faith or principles, or both! There is a right way to treat, or speak to, a fellow human being. Own your actions, take humble pride in your creations. Play in this magical world, demonstrating to others a beautiful way to do it.  Above stuff or status, value love and joy, which are connected.

You can’t do good without feeling good or be pleasant, without having a more pleasant experience.

By striving for virtue, you attract virtuous people, including, God willing, a soul mate to share your journey.  Kindness, generosity, discipline, and hard work, for example, are all noble virtues, and they all gift the practitioner far more than they ever cost: Trustworthy friends, a richer life, better outcomes, and a self-satisfaction that cannot be bought or stolen. When you know this, to your core, you realize that goodness is not selfless, but actually self-serving.  Being good, brings you good, inside and out.
Others may reject virtues and still obtain what they seek – money, attention, fame, status. Often, they cannot maintain those qualities, and they never truly enjoy them, trapped in the lonely cockpit of their mind, alone and apart in their precarious story of plunder.
Joy comes from knowing that you’re okay with you. Be present in the life that you have. The smile you express to a stranger. The next sentence that leaves your lips. Choices become victories because even when it’s the hard thing, it’s the right thing. So, champion good. Love everyone. And don’t take yourself so seriously. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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