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Better Questions

Are you asking the right questions to have meaningful conversations? This week’s video provides better questions to ask of others, and of yourself.



Hey, what’s up?  What’s been happening?  What’s going on? Three great ways to start a fairly lame, uninteresting conversation. This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose, with a few better questions.
Asking someone, “What’s up?” may be an easy way to get the conversational ball rolling. But it’s not very effective or interesting. Usually, they respond with something like, “not much.” Translation: I’d rather not get into it. Or … they launch into a full “life report.” After all, you asked. Here is a sequence of three better questions to answer yourself, and ask of others.
1. What are you working on and excited about?
This slight variation changes the focus from “what’s happening?” (Life happening to you) to presume some initiative and desire. An intentional struggle. What are you working on? Or working toward? What are you excited about? What are you trying to make happen in your world? The second question is,
2. What is that requiring you to learn?
Again, you’re making a positive presumption. You are learning, and that’s a good thing. It’s a solid, but unexpected question. And it requires you to turn inward and claim your current learning. Yeah, I’m learning a lot. And I’m going to learn even more.  Now you’re having a meaningful conversation. But to take it deep, you can ask the third question in the sequence.
3. Who are you becoming in the process?
Essentially, you’re asking, “How will you be different as a result of this thing that you’re doing, and this learning that you’re experiencing? How is it changing you?” And that may seem a bit esoteric, but it’s also entirely true. We are not just doing stuff, or simply being here. We are always in the process of becoming. And by asking a question like “how will you be different, or who are you becoming?” You’re expressing a genuine interest and a positive expectation.
So, what are you working on and excited about? What is that requiring you to learn? And who are you becoming in the process? If you wish, leave your answers in the comments to claim your progress, and inspire others, and until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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