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Beyond Belief

Your life, and your experience of living are byproducts of your beliefs. This week’s video will help you examine, understand and upgrade your beliefs to enable greater fulfillment and better results.



What you believe creates your reality and the level at which you live. To go further, you may need to go beyond the beliefs you currently own. Let me show you how.
If you believe you’re undeserving, that people are out to get you, and that life is a series of random challenges that happen at the worst possible moment, you’ll have a limited life. If, on the other hand, you believe your life matters, that you have what it takes, that others will help you, and that everything – good and bad – happens for a reason and serves you, you’ll have a more fulfilling, joyful, and abundant life.
If you want to live beyond your circumstances, you need bigger beliefs. And, great news, you can upgrade. It’s not as easy as just flipping a switch, but with practice and perspective, you can obtain, install, and enjoy increasingly better beliefs. Here are a few suggestions for how:
1. Believe this is possible, and that you deserve beliefs that serve you better, rather than the “default” of your past that you’re living with now.
2. Suspend your disbelief. When you come face to face with a limiting belief, such as “I could never. I’m terrible at that, or I’m undeserving,” don’t fight it. Notice it. Then choose for a period of time, an hour, a day, a week, to temporarily suspend your disbelief. Like watching a movie, just go along with a new story and see how it plays out.
3. Borrow beliefs. When you encounter someone who has the happiness or results you want, ask them how they see the world. Like a new outfit, try their beliefs on for yourself, take a walk around and see how you feel.
4. Manage your inputs. Shut off negative channels of influence. Recast negative characters in your story. And listen to helpful podcasts, music, or nature. Seek out friends, colleagues, writers and artists who have tapped into joy and possibility.
5. Track your progress. Develop an inner dialogue by journaling. When you discover a helpful idea or make a breakthrough, don’t dismiss it. Capture it. Own it!
I believe you are enormously capable, deserving of greatness, and that your next huge opportunity is right around the corner. You may not see it yet because you’re so close to the action. So, believe me. Try on a different perspective, and then step more confidently back into your circumstances, Off Balance On Purpose.


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