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Big Wins

Without a doubt, this is a time of enormous chaos and confusion. Yet even now, whether you realize it or not, you have been winning big! This week’s video will help you identify personal victories and build momentum for even more.



Your victories have been racking up lately! But have you been counting them? This week, we’re Off Balance On Purpose and winning.

Today’s reality is, in so many ways, extremely different than it was two months ago. The economy. Unemployment. Devastation of so many industries, professions, and people. Maybe you, or someone you love, is dealing with a health challenges or perhaps, a significant loss.

And yet, in the midst of all that, there remains an equally true reality. You are winning in very real ways – daily victories of all shapes and sizes. Overcoming low moments. Creating breakthroughs. Learning so much you never knew before. Encouraging others, and bringing joy and validation to those you encounter. Or some days, the “win” is just getting through discouragement, and taking one positive step forward.

It’s critical that you recognize and count your wins. Celebrate them in real time, and understand that even the small victories are really big. They create motion, and direction, which leads to traction and trajectory.

Practice a new skill. WIN! Call and lift up someone who needs it. That’s a  WIN! Learn a new song. Get a good night’s sleep. Cook a healthy meal. Help others, improve yourself. Create and follow a productive, disciplined routine. All WINS!

If you don’t count your wins, no one else will. So stack the deck in your favor. Give yourself some extra credit. Because the more you succeed at something, the MORE you can succeed at anything.

Instead of listing your challenges or calibrating your fears, your homework is to track and count your wins, every day this week. Then just watch how your focus, attitude, and abilities will shift to keep your streak alive. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


The audio for this week’s coaching video is located under the “Get Inspired” tab in the Positive Playlist. You can click the link above to go directly to the playlist page where you can subscribe to the podcast and listen to other weekly messages for improving all aspects of your life.


  • Bob Tamburro says:

    Thank you Dan…I love the message. Brings perspectives to recognize your accomplishments big and small…what you should be grateful for…and builds on that foundation. Similar to a moon shot or for those in finance…the power of compounded interest…the smallest increment can make the biggest difference over time! Stay safe…and off-balance…on purpose! Bob

  • Tracy Kosiarek says:

    Hi Dan! I so much enjoy your weekly videos. They are uplifting and inspiring. Short and too the point! Each video connects to something I am dealing with either at work or at home. Thank you for keeping your videos fresh, relevant and politics free! Hope the family is staying healthy and happy!
    Tracy K.

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