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Throwing Focus

Where and how you “throw focus” directly impacts your most important relationships. This week’s video teaches you to maximize limited time […]

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Commit Quickly

Opportunities can come and go in a blink. When you can recognize what’s important and commit quickly you gain advantage, get max credit, […]

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Time and Trouble

What is it that stops us from going after our true desires? Our greatest loves, ambitions, and contributions? A fear […]

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Content and Contentment

Stop consuming what weakens you! This week’s video explores the connection between the content around you, the contents within you, […]

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Listen Louder

When the noise of the world becomes deafening, you may need to adjust your approach to listening. This week’s video […]

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Learning What’s “Greek”

This week’s video from the Acropolis in Athens, Greece offers a bit of history and some practical ways to demystify […]

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