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Claim Your Nature

Are you regularly looking to nature to gain insights and inspiration? This week’s video will help you find deep lessons, […]

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False Positives

When can your positive intentions ring false, cause harm, and backfire? This week’s video will alert you to “false positives” […]

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Raise Your Lows

We all have high and low moments. But do you have a strategy to lessen the impact and duration of […]

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Positive Breakdown

When does a breakdown work to your advantage?  This week’s video will help you create positive breakdowns that will propel […]

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Leg Day

If you want to remain active for many years, enjoying mobility and a highly functioning brain, find some way to […]

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Where There’s Smoke

As the impact of California’s largest wildfire continues to expand, learn how “smoke“ signals the nature of your surrounding circumstances, […]

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