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Holiday Lifelines

This week’s video shares a powerful example of multiplying life’s enjoyment, impact, and purpose. In just two minutes, you’ll gain […]

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Break Time

If you’ve been feeling constant pressure to succeed or that your efforts are never quite enough, it may be time […]

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Giving Thankfully

What’s the relationship between gratitude and generosity? This week’s video explores that question and announces a very special opportunity to […]

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Hone Your Tone

At a time of deafening “noise” in the world, how do you choose to communicate? This week’s video will help you become more intentional and effective in shaping your words and honing your tone.

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Being and Becoming

Are you becoming the person you want to be? Today’s video will help you shape your present moments and cement […]

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The Show Must Go On

What happens when you have multiple, live virtual events following tropical storms and power outages? This exciting and (now) hilarious […]

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