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3 Shows

Three Shows. Every day you are engaged in performances, and your “shows” are the conversations, interactions, learning processes, and goals you experience. Here’s one of the most important lessons I have learned…

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Are You Flexible? I’m 38 years old, but in “gymnast years” that’s about 87. You just don’t see many people my age who are willing and able to perform tumbling and acrobatics…

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Action Heroes

Who’s your favorite “Action Hero?” Indiana Jones? Jet Li? Jackie Chan?How about…. You?This past weekend, my wife Sheilia and I journeyed to Charlottesville, VA to attend Action Hero Boot Camp. This unique event provided a fantastic opportunity to escape our ordinary surroundings and embrace unprecedented challenges…

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Snellville, Georgia

The homeward journey began in Iraq aboard this J Series C130 (L). Saying goodbye to Lt. Col. Eddy Saunders at the Kuwait City airport (R). 31 March, Snellville, GA 12:26 PM EST. It’s great to be home…

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Iraq 4

On stage with members of the support team after the show. I counted no less than 100 people who were actively engaged in security and logistics in order to allow our show to happen! (R) An Iraqi fighter at Al Asad. 29 March, Al Asad, Iraq1520 (3:20 pm). After the last update, we set out on a tour of this impressive base…

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Iraq 3

Dan and Chaplin John Anderson at the Soul Train. (R) Always a Marine audience favorite – Dan demonstrates handstand pushups.Below: The John, Todd, Maj. Tootle, Dan, Lt. Col. Saunders, and Spencer ride the 7 ton truck to the airfield in Al Qa’im- from one show to another…

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