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Destinations and Transitions

Greetings from beautiful Kalispell, Montana. I’m spending a few days near Glacier National Park to combine a mastermind meeting (with a couple of friends and colleagues) and a speaking engagement on Wednesday.

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Seize the Adventure

Lights. Camera. Action! If your life was a movie, what genre would it be – comedy, tragedy, mystery? Something else? I choose “Adventure.” Everyday the plot unfolds to reveal unexpected twists, new challenges, and fascinating characters. My adventuring companion, my wife Sheilia, shares the spirit and belief that our life together is the stuff of adventure.

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Becoming Irreplacable

By many measures a case can be made that “times are tough.” Gas is expensive, competition is fierce, investment markets are soft and unpredictable. Many individuals (perhaps even you) use these conditions to explain why it seems increasingly difficult to survive, much less thrive.

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Capability and Capacity

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should. As you engage life, I know it seems as though you are in constant motion. Even when you are at rest, your mind often is projecting the next scene onto your mental movie screen, anticipating what’s coming and how you’ll handle it.

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Got Green? I speak at around 90 events each year, across a wide range of industries. This provides a fantastic vantage point from which to notice trends and common themes across the nation. Without question, the hottest topic today is “going green” or “sustainability.”

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Clearing the Clutter

Asteroids, anyone? When I was a kid I was hooked on the video game “Asteroids.” After school I would fill my pockets with quarters (tip money from my paper route) and cross Pulaski Avenue to the 7-Eleven. Inside the store, in the back corner, sat my intended conquest – Asteroids.

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