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We have some challenging weeks ahead of us. You will be bombarded with negativity from every angle. So how do you stay positive, for yourself and others? Here’s a strategy to make HOPE happen.

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Certainty Now

If you’re in need of some certainty during this crazy time, please watch this two minute video

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Future Hindsight

When each day’s intensity seems greater than the last, how do you find perspective? This week’s video offers a tool you can use right now to act with greater confidence and intention.

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Fear Factors

When fear is in the air, how do you choose to respond? This week’s video respectfully suggests an alternative focus to help you transcend fear, act with confidence, and contribute what matters most.

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Empathy Keys

What one ability can elevate nearly every human interaction? This week’s video, from Jerusalem, will help you connect with people in ways that are sincere and powerful.

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Everything Counts

If “losing” wasn’t possible, how would you choose to live? This short video will help you see how much closer you really are to success.

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