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Letting Go to Get a Grip

New Perspectives at Year’s End. Yesterday was a spectacular day in Haines City, Florida. Not only was it a beautiful, brisk and clear day, spent in the company of incredible, kind people. But we were also engaged in the most wonderful of pastimes: The Flying Trapeze.

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Relfections and Adjustments

Are you headed where you want to go? As we approach the year’s end, it is certainly a time for celebration, rest and renewal. How I look forward to the days at home with family, and extended visits with loved ones less frequently seen.

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Why Politicians Can’t Work Together

And How Business Gets it Done. This week I appeared on Fox Business Network and had a one-on-one conversation With Neil Cavuto. The topic: How to negotiate with others to get a deal done – and why our leaders in Washington are failing to cooperate for the good of the country

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Off Balance On Purpose through the Holidays

Complete this statement: Tis the season to be ___________. For many, unfortunately, the reality is that holidays are anything but “jolly.” In fact, during this time of year, negative emotions run rampant, as millions find ‘tis the season to be frantic, depressed, cash-strapped, guilt-ridden, lonely, exhausted, and generally overwhelmed.

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Safe Danger™

All jobs and endeavors contain elements of risk. By adopting the right approach, however, you can virtually eliminate worst-case scenarios and mange the risks responsibly to ensure a long and healthy career. Being a professional performer, acrobat, and juggler of dangerous implements has given me an interesting perspective on managing risk.

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Connecting Your Commute

In the pursuit of “more” we find ourselves in constant motion. In fact, we are spending an increasing amount of time inside our cars (or some other mode of transportation) on the way to somewhere. This isn’t, necessarily, a bad thing, but the question is: Is your commute an isolated experience, or is it connected to what matters most in your life?

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