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Iraq 4

On stage with members of the support team after the show. I counted no less than 100 people who were actively engaged in security and logistics in order to allow our show to happen! (R) An Iraqi fighter at Al Asad. 29 March, Al Asad, Iraq1520 (3:20 pm). After the last update, we set out on a tour of this impressive base…

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Iraq 3

Dan and Chaplin John Anderson at the Soul Train. (R) Always a Marine audience favorite – Dan demonstrates handstand pushups.Below: The John, Todd, Maj. Tootle, Dan, Lt. Col. Saunders, and Spencer ride the 7 ton truck to the airfield in Al Qa’im- from one show to another…

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Iraq 2

A large audience in Fallujah. (R) Capt. Kathy Miller, our host and tour guide. 27 March, Easter Sunday Al Qaim, Iraq , 10:00. Two days since the last report and easily a weeks worth of activity…

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25 March, 2005 Fallujah, Iraq 07:58. The past thirty six hours have been a blur of activity- sensory rich and thrilling memories that signal this last leg of the journey in Iraq will be an unforgettable capstone of adventure.

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Kuwait 4

Some of the morale boosting activities at Camp Navistar: Basketball and movies. 23 March, Camp Doha, Kuwait 09:45. I’m here at the MWR(Moral, Welfare and Recreation) office as John is teaching Contee, Brody and the rest of the gang the fine art of “whip cracking.”

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Kuwait 3

The Camp Doha water tower. Todd and Spence hit the gym. 22 March, Camp Doha, Kuwait 0915. Another day at Doha, and it’s starting to feel like we are in a routine. Morning coffee/breakfast with John and Todd (Spencer sleeps in), email at the MWR offices, workout at the gym, lunch, then get ready for our excursion to the evening’s performance…

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