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Weathering the Storm

The year of “Off Balance” . As you are already well aware, 2009 is going to be a wild ride! We are living in historic times: A precarious and battle scarred economy, world wide attention on our new President and the actions of Congress, thousands of jobs lost on a daily basis.  

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Dan Thurman, Dan Thurmond or Dan Thurmon?

What’s in a name? As a professional motivational speaker who delivers keynote speeches for Opening, Closing and General Sessions across the country, I meet a lot of people. My name, Dan Thurmon, often appears on screen, in conference programs, and on signs outside my sessions. The problem is, it often appears incorrectly.

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Dan’s USO Tour, aka “Operation Swashbuckle”

Introduction. In March, 2005, Dan (and three of his friends) completed a twenty five day, six country tour of the Middle East to entertain and uplift thousands of brave men and women of our U.S. Military. Here you can experience this adventure for yourself by reading Dan’s first-hand accounts, seeing photos of the experience, and much more.

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Stocks and Bonds

Happy Thanksgiving Week! I have an urgent message for you to read and absorb before you complete your work week and take off to enjoy the holidays. It’s all about your personal portfolio – the stocks and bonds which
 are absolutely critical for your long term prosperity, security, and joy.

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Destinations and Transitions

Greetings from beautiful Kalispell, Montana. I’m spending a few days near Glacier National Park to combine a mastermind meeting (with a couple of friends and colleagues) and a speaking engagement on Wednesday.

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Seize the Adventure

Lights. Camera. Action! If your life was a movie, what genre would it be – comedy, tragedy, mystery? Something else? I choose “Adventure.” Everyday the plot unfolds to reveal unexpected twists, new challenges, and fascinating characters. My adventuring companion, my wife Sheilia, shares the spirit and belief that our life together is the stuff of adventure.

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