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Attention to Detail

What do Prince and Notre Dame have in common? Last week I had an opportunity to find out first hand, and both experiences got me thinking about the way people or institutions distinguish themselves and rise above comparison.

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You Must Let Go to Get a Grip

I often wonder what alternate turns my life would have taken had I not learned to juggle. At eleven years of age, I chanced to meet a skillful and kind performer named Mike Vondruska at the King Richard’s Renaissance Faire, and he offered me encouragement and instruction.

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A Masters in Giving

It’s Masters Week! Today the most anticipated and unique golf tournament on the planet begins in Augusta, GA. This is the “Journey to Mecca” for golf fans.

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World Class Performance

How do you become a world class performer? Learn from the best. Last night my wife Sheilia and I went to Atlanta’s historic Fox Theatre to see Harry Connick, Jr. perform.

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Global Perspectives

Imagine being invited to an event where you would bump elbows and share ideas with 430 inspiring people from 70 different countries. This was the fantastic opportunity I just enjoyed in Athens, Greece.

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A New Normal

Happy New Year! Welcome back from your busy holidays. I sincerely hope that it was a time of rich connections with loved ones, rejuvenating rest, and meaningful reflection.

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