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Bold Goals for 2012

Are you ready to leap into the New Year? Here’s how!

Last week I got together with my friend and fellow speaker, Mike Rayburn, to do some planning and goal setting for the New Year. We had a very productive two day session, discussing all aspects of business, as well as our families, fitness, and spiritual journeys. We really pushed each other to “Go for the Bold.” In other words, it isn’t enough to set safe, predictable, or easily achievable objectives. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right … and BIG.

So, you could say we “Super Sized” our goals, to the point that they were exciting, challenging, and even a bit intimidating. Then, to confirm our commitment, we shot the video you see above. It was a lot of fun to do. But also (as strange as this may sound) it made our goals and previous discussions seem more real and more achievable.

As you get ready to “Leap” into 2012, and as you envision the kind of year you want to make it, here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Into Action

  1. Set goals that stretch you. Don’t stick with what is comfortable or seek to simply replicate your past success. Envision and commit to a new plan – one that makes you a bit uncomfortable and would make you ecstatic to achieve.
  2. Consider all aspects of life. Think through your objectives and goals in all five of your life spheres: Work, Relationships, Health, Spiritual Growth, and Personal Interests. Develop a plan of action that will challenge you to grow multi-dimensionally, not simply in one or two areas.
  3. Plan with a partner. Whether you do this with a friend, your spouse, or a business associate, having someone to hold you accountable will make a tremendous difference for both the planning process and (more importantly) the follow through effort. Choose someone who will support you, and you will support, to make sure you stay on track for success.
  4. Commit, Commit Commit! You don’t have to jump off a roof into a freezing pool (in fact, in the way of a disclaimer, let me plainly state you should NOT do this. Mike and I are trained professionals with a vague idea of what we are doing.) But I KNOW there is something you can do (safely) to boldly punctuate your pact. Take action to celebrate your commitment and launch the year with excitement.

I look forward to continuing to be your friend and encourager in 2012 … and beyond!

Happy New Year!



  • Kent Julian says:

    Dan and Mike,

    Great video! Crazy great video!!

    Dan…FYI, I speak in the youth market and was speaking to a class at Crews MS a few weeks ago. A teacher there told me that one of your kids goes to Crews…he shared your name and website with me. I was pretty pumped to discover a speaker of your caliber living right around the corner from me (I’m in the Peachtree Ridge High School cluster). I would love to connect sometime…the coffee or meal is on me.

    Also, this video really connects with a message I share with students. A short clip of it is on my homepage if you’re interested:

    Keep on challenging people and organizations to Live It Forward!

    Kent Julian

  • Aunt Helen says:

    And it really wasn’t as cold as you thought it would be, was it? Just kidding. I’m excited about a New Year expecting and willing to commit to big things.
    Chuck and I wish you, your family and friends the best year every.
    Love, Helen

  • Emilia says:

    Makes sense! Great things happen when we’re willing to commit and follow through. As Terrence Deal says in his book, The Wizard and the Warrior: “It takes courage and faith to set the pace, because showing the way is inherently dangerous.”

  • Gloria Ernest says:

    Dan! You are NUTS! But oh what an inspiration you always are! Working for Gwinnett County Schools meant I had 2 weeks off for the holidays. I was sick for the whole time off, but I decided to use this unexpected “TIME OUT” to my advantage. I did a lot of self-reflection and goal setting and it put me in SUCH a better place to start the new year! It sounds like you and Mike did similar and your suggetion to have an accountability partner is a great one! A special person has come into my life who is coaching me in some “basic training” I need in my life as I develop my women’s ministry I told you about. We are acting as sounding boards for each other and it’s an awesome experience!
    Thank you for continuing to write me and share your commitments to bettering yours and others’ lives as well as sharing your entertaining “antics”! haha!
    Cheer4U! and God bless in 2012!

  • Joyce Howard says:

    Fun video! I heard the tiny giggle from the videographer just before you jumped…cute.

    I always enjoy your messages….they remind me to keep living my life off-balance and pushing for my goals. I hope to see you and the family soon at the juggling festival.

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