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Break Time

If you’ve been feeling constant pressure to succeed or that your efforts are never quite enough, it may be time to give yourself a break. This week’s video will help you reset, realize your progress, and amplify your most positive qualities.



Thanksgiving weekend here in the US was a welcome break from the workload, and the challenges of the world. But the key isn’t just taking a break, but also giving one, to yourself. We’re Off Balance On Purpose, and it’s break time.
Perhaps you’ve been pushing too hard, expecting too much, and feeling not nearly enough. It’s break time. Give yourself a break from self imposed pressure, from guilt, and from feelings of inadequacy.
It’s important to own your mistakes and missteps, and I’m not suggesting you escape that responsibility. But self honesty works both ways. If you don’t take a break, life breaks you. And if you don’t praise yourself, and celebrate how far you’ve already come, you’ll never realize your progress and improvement. Future leaps are always easier and higher when launched from more confident footing.
Tomorrow’s challenges can wait for tomorrow. Today, let’s celebrate your successes and lessons learned. Commend yourself for your best qualities and check that self-criticism before it takes hold.
Break the patterns of thought that tear you down. Break the negative self-talk and the habit of  limiting your confidence and ability. You are amazing, creative, capable and kind. And yet today’s best is nothing compared to what you will experience, enjoy and achieve: success, happiness, love, satisfaction. There is always more to do, give, and become, and new levels to break through.
So push yourself. And also hug yourself. Guard your thoughts. Guide your steps. And give yourself the benefit of the doubt, the freedom to fail, and permission to succeed. Turn those lessons learned into progress earned, and until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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