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What does it take to make a real breakthrough? This week, Dan shares three steps to getting past your current limitations and on the path to excellence.

Dan shares an important announcement this week as well. He will be hosting a Breakthrough Experience weekend November 30 through December 2. Check out the video for details!

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  • Tak Kurtz says:

    Boy ! Could I do with a breakthrough!

  • Barb Bleiler says:

    Okay- but how to I create my own ‘experience’ or how do I create my breakthrough when I can’t make it to what you are offering – I truly appreciate it and am interested but life as you mention is life is life.

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      Great question, Barb. And you’re right, “Life is life.” But the key is to remember that “experience” can be an event, but is also a verb. You choose how you experience your life, and by elevating your level of experience, engagement and contribution, even in small ways, you create something completely new. As far as breakthroughs go, generally the organic experiences that drive one to change are either moments of unexpected epiphany or (more often, sadly) desperation. The key, I think, is to create your own, intentional experiences in a quest for greater purpose and understanding. Be deliberate about the decisions, but open ended to the discoveries. They will always be different than what you expect.

  • Lisa says:

    I appreciate your coaching videos so much, Dan. They always seem to speak to me “right where I am.” Keep up the fantastic work that you do!

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