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Bridging Left and Right

How do you thrive in a divisive world, where people hold vastly different opinions, views, and values? This week’s video will help you reframe “right” and “left” to your advantage.



When asked to choose a side or pick a villain, how do you typically respond? Let’s talk about what’s really right and left.
We live in a time of record breaking divisiveness. Vast chasms exist between opinions, experiences, and world views. To navigate this, your only life, with joy and connectedness, I suggest you reevaluate what’s right and what’s left.
First, to the best of your ability, focus on what’s right, working, or beautiful instead of fixating on what’s wrong. What’s right about your life, partner, job, kids, friends, or circumstances?
Then, do what’s right, regardless. Does your perspective, partisanship, and self assessment withstand the scrutiny of your principles? Or are you projecting to postpone your learning and growth? The world has enough critics. Please be an example.
Next, get a better grasp on what’s left. Your life is short, yet also very long. There is SO much more for you to do, create, give and become.  The miles behind you are memories. The road ahead is filled with possibilities, and it starts with small, intentional changes. Your words and actions. Repair relationships, practice forgiveness, and do the difficult but essential work of improving in mind, body and spirit.
When you align with what’s right, you make the most of what’s left. You’ll bring better gifts and gain greater value. With elevated convictions you avoid traps of convention, incorporate new information, and recognize most issues are more complex than presented. In this way, you can see and make new connections to people, ideas and opportunities.
The next time you’re invited to join the chorus who amplifies wrongs, make a sincere effort to choose differently. Voice and become more of what’s right, and what’s left will continue to amaze you. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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