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Bring the Good

How do you reconcile joy and abundance with undeniable pain and suffering? In the face of increasingly troubling events and negativity, this week’s video will help you bring more of what’s good.



How do you remain joyful in the face of tragedy and heartbreak? We’re in Off Balance On Purpose in Los Cabos, Mexico.
I’m speaking in Cabo today for top real estate pros at a twelve million dollar beach home. Unbelievable luxury. I get to encourage achievers toward even greater abundance. And not just financially, but also happiness, health, soaring spirits, and deep personal purpose, because that reality does exist for you.
Meanwhile, the world also delivers abundant illness, suffering, poverty, and war. The desperate fight for survival under brutal assault. And even within your personal triumphs exist undeniable pain.
How do you enjoy what is good and beautiful while fully aware of what is tragic and horrible? How do you stay happy amidst the suffering?  I think the answer lies in understanding you don’t have to reconcile good and evil. Your job is to keep bringing the good.
You don’t fight hate with justifiable hate. To hate, you bring love. To selfishness, bring forgiveness. To brutality, bring resilience. And to doubt, bring hope.
The world will always present co-existing opposites. You get to choose the well you draw from and the contribution you make. You can’t erase what is bad, but you can bring the undeniable contrast of powerful good in your words and actions. The little things you say and do matter more than you will ever know. So until next week, keep bringing the good, and stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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