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      Cancelled Conversations

      Are you “cancelling” meaningful conversations before they even happen? This week’s video will help you sharpen your skills and steel your courage to express yourself.



      Are you withholding your ideas and perspectives for fear of criticism or punishment? Today let’s talk about cancelled conversations.

      It’s never easy to express an opinion or ideas. Today’s climate has only increased the difficulty and fear. What will others say? Will my reputation withstand the disagreement? Cancel culture hasn’t just impacting celebrities. It affects regular people, and daily interactions.

      Like Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom, we’ve learned to navigate life with precarious steps for fear we’ll trigger deadly darts of judgement, or the crushing ball of ridicule. It’s easier to say nothing than to say the wrong thing, even unwittingly. So, even among trusted friends, we’ve learned to feel for agreement and avoid any unexplored areas.

      Cancelled conversations prevent us from exploring and incorporating others’ perspectives, asking well intended questions, or expressing truthful ideas. Without free expression, we can’t build bridges between views, or empathize with other’s realities.

      Do you want to increase your value and effectiveness as a leader, or within your family, or circles of influence? Well today, that requires BOTH elevated skills and greater courage.

      First, the skills. We need to learn to listen without becoming agitated and defensive, to communicate without simply repeating talking points. Seek to express ideas with patience and exactness. Instead of definitive answers, ask questions, and genuinely listen to the responses. Value the person even if you hold a different perspective.

      And have the courage to start a meaningful conversation, or inject an alternate opinion. Remain calm and curious, even when you hold deep convictions. Stand tall in your beliefs , without belittling others. Have the courage to say, “I see it differently,” and agree to leave an issue unsettled, and a friendship intact.

      So stop cancelling opportunities to express an idea or learn something new. Lean into conversations with increased skill and courage, and until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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