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Your capacity is not fixed. It’s decided, settled for, or developed. This video will teach you how to expand your capacity to do more, be more, and contribute more in life!

  • Josh Drean says:

    This is my favorite video yet! Great content.

  • Tak Kurtz says:

    I like the water…it reminds me of what I always say… when people ask me if i am fluent in japanese. And I say, Fluent to me means being like water just running and running and running out of a faucet. I’m more like a drip…that you can’t turn off.

  • Michael DIeker says:

    Thanks Dan! I have a few things to throw into the water flask… most notably media time! Thanks for the reminder that allowing this to creep too far in my life steals so much of my capacity. I appreciate your inspiration to keep leaning forward and taking new steps. On a more positive not, I am staying off balance on purpose with a new ONEWHEEL Plus electric skate board. A great way to build personal energy/balance and a very green legitimate transportation device. I can totally see you juggling while riding a onewheel around the audience.

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      Michael, first, great point about media. We almost had a representation for that, but ran out of time (and pitcher). I’ve tried the ONEWHEEL and really like it. Could be a great representation for a speech or a video! Plus they’re really fun.

  • Dean Fahselt says:

    Thank you Coach! I appreciate the inspiration to live my best life.

  • Mike Rayburn says:

    Love the point, love the tips at the end, and the mill and creek make me wish I was there!

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