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Time and Trouble

What is it that stops us from going after our true desires? Our greatest loves, ambitions, and contributions? A fear […]

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Goals Come Last

As we approach the end of the year, it’s a great time to self-assess and set intentions. From Chicago, here’s […]

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The Happiness of Pursuit

Are you struggling in your “pursuit of happiness?” If so, one simple adjustment can improve your experience, promote meaningful progress, […]

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Stop Pretending

Are you fooling yourself? Going through the motions? Pretending the obvious is just an illusion? Let me help you see things more […]

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New Year’s Start – One Two-Three GO!

This first coaching video of 2023 provides two specific strategies to use the uniqueness of this year to increase your […]

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Crafting Your Masterpiece

This last weekly coaching video of 2022, from Florence, Italy, gives you three essential principles to elevate your life’s work. […]

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