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Are you currently focused on flaws and faults? Even during times of lack, there is a great deal that is […]

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Taking a Leap

This week’s video offers a journey to new heights and a leap into the unknown! Come along for the adventure, and get inspired to create your own epic, breakthrough moment.

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Big Wins

Your victories have been racking up lately! But are you counting them? This week, we’re Off Balance On Purpose and winning.

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Approaching the Impossible

How do you approach seemingly impossible challenges?  This week’s video provides four ways to turn overwhelm into confidence, right from the start.

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Here Now

If New Years’ goals or resolutions have fallen flat in the past, try a different strategy to make 2020 a defining year for your growth and success. In this two minute video, I’ll share my personal “theme” for 2020 and help you to capture yours.

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Finish Strong

With the end of the year in sight, will you coast to completion or finish strong? This two minute video will help you better enjoy the holidays AND get a jump start on 2020!

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