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Aging Gracefully

This week I received a great question on the most universal topic I can imagine… aging. We’re all doing it and hope to do more of it. And if we can truly do it well, we can maximize our life experience and contributions. Watch this video for my response.

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Mastering the Art of Falling

Last night I rode my “commuter unicycle” around the neighborhood on an 8 mile workout. As an added benefit, I accumulated dozens of baffled expressions and spontaneous smiles from motorists and passers by – witnesses to something unexpected.

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Finding Calm in Calamity

Keep calm and carry on. You’ve undoubtedly seen this striking design and message emblazoned upon a tee shirt, coffee mug or poster. But do you know the story?

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The Power of Play

This week my wife, kids, and I were on TV, featured on a program called Atlanta & Company. The segment is called “Proud Parent,” and we certainly fit the bill! 

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Redefining Success

Today I hit the trail at 7:00 am, in pursuit of an elusive goal: A safe, perfect, 6-mile ride on a challenging off-road trail atop my mountain unicycle, to be completed in under one hour.

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Experiencing Cryotherapy

Where Coldness Meets Wellness. I was in Los Angeles when I first heard about Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC), a treatment that bathes your body in -240 degree nitrogen gas for three minutes.

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