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You’re Perfect…More or Less

Are you often your worst critic? Yeah, me too. Perfection says you’re never enough. I’m saying you’re worthy and deserving […]

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Run Your Relay

Life is a race. Some view this journey of years as a marathon to endure. Others, as an all-out sprint to see how much you can accumulate, create, or accomplish. I think it’s actually more like a relay.

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What Fuels You?

When I was a kid, I was constantly getting in trouble. Grounded at home. Disruptive at school. I meant well, […]

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Stop Trying

If you’ve been struggling to reach that next level of success, health, or happiness, I have some (possibly) unexpected advice. […]

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When In Rome

When spending time with people or in places far different from your “norm,” how do you react to the unfamiliar? […]

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Healthy Comparison

Comparing yourself to other people can be detrimental to your happiness. Yet there’s a healthy method of comparison that will […]

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