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Stop Trying

If you’ve been struggling to reach that next level of success, health, or happiness, I have some (possibly) unexpected advice. […]

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When In Rome

When spending time with people or in places far different from your “norm,” how do you react to the unfamiliar? […]

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Healthy Comparison

Comparing yourself to other people can be detrimental to your happiness. Yet there’s a healthy method of comparison that will […]

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Elevating Reps

How do you escape repetitive negative patterns while growing in ability, consistency, and reputation? This week’s video will help you […]

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Once you fully understand and embrace the concept of “irreversibility,” you can cut through chaos and confusion to make more […]

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Rounding Errors

Are your “rounding errors” depriving you of meaningful experiences, consistent growth, and impressive results? The little ways you interpret and […]

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