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Creative Commitments

If you want to truly understand your gifts, hone your process, and contribute consistently better work, it’s time for a […]

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How attune are you to the momentum of your life? This week’s video will help you start build and maintain […]

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How to have a better life!

This week’s video may seriously impact the way you view your life, as well as your ability to more fully […]

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Fresh Eyes

2020 brought intense change and challenge, but also shed insight on what used to be commonplace. Have you gained the […]

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Giving Thankfully

What’s the relationship between gratitude and generosity? This week’s video explores that question and announces a very special opportunity to […]

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We have some challenging weeks ahead of us. You will be bombarded with negativity from every angle. So how do you stay positive, for yourself and others? Here’s a strategy to make HOPE happen.

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