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Do your ambitions drive you, or intimidate you? And just how do you turn ambition into consistent progress? This week’s video will show you how to add greater purpose to your desires and propel ambition into action!

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Starting Over

What do you do when you feel like you’re back at the beginning, or that your very foundation has been knocked out from under you? You’re starting over, and that’s not a bad thing. This 3 minute video delivers a five-step plan for a new beginning.

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Reversing Polarity

You can’t make other people less negative. You can change yourself and influence others by example. But when experiencing negativity, how exactly do you “switch” to a positive perspective? This short video delivers six strategies you can put to work today.

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Discouraged, Defeated and Done

It’s easy to build upon momentum when things are going great. But what do you do when you’ve hit a major setback, become deeply discouraged or feel ready to quit? Use this video to get back on track, or share it with someone you know who needs encouragement and direction.

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Finding Your Flow

Overcoming life’s demands and conflicts can become an exhausting, all-consuming reality. And yet some people seem to move through life with relative ease, finding “lucky breaks,” or less complicated paths to success or happiness. How does that happen?

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Sweet Pleasure

What do you do when you feel like caving in or abandoning your best intentions? When your commitment and discipline are tested, you might opt for an even sweeter kind of pleasure. 

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