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Finding Your Flow

Overcoming life’s demands and conflicts can become an exhausting, all-consuming reality. And yet some people seem to move through life with relative ease, finding “lucky breaks,” or less complicated paths to success or happiness. How does that happen?

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Sweet Pleasure

What do you do when you feel like caving in or abandoning your best intentions? When your commitment and discipline are tested, you might opt for an even sweeter kind of pleasure. 

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Expanding and Contracting

When it comes to your abilities, your understanding, and your life, are you expanding? Or are you contracting?  This video includes a special “twist” that may challenge your thinking while giving you permission to do what is absolutely necessary to move forward.

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The Mystery of Mastery

How is it that certain people become so exceptional, while others struggle in mediocrity? What is the mystery behind mastery?

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Choose your Struggle

Struggling is not optional. But the great news is that you get to choose, in many respects, what you will struggle with and how you will do it.

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Enough Already

Each week from wherever I am, I’ve been trying to send you meaningful words. Thoughts. Encouragement. And yet, I’ve become aware that these messages may have had, for some, an effect quite different than what I set out to deliver.

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