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How to Beat Procrastination

Elizabeth brought it up, but we’ve all faced the reality. We know what to do, but simply can’t seem to get there. The timing isn’t right. We’re not ready or equipped.

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Navigating Uncertainty

What will it take to get you there? Every worthwhile undertaking requires effort. The problem is, we are generally pretty lousy at forecasting how much effort it will take to accomplish what we are pursuing.

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Attention to Detail

Getting it Done vs. Getting it Right. My wife saw this mailbox while driving through a nearby neighborhood last week and stopped to take a photo. After all, there would be no other way to adequately explain it to me. This has to be, quite possibly, the world’s worst brick mailbox.

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Off Balance On Purpose at Sea

Last week I had the incredible experience of leading a crew of six Boy Scouts (including my son) to the Florida Keys for a Coral Reef Sailing adventure at BSA’s “Sea Base.” This is one of the High Adventure opportunities within Scouting, and provided an opportunity for us to learn and experience volumes during our one-week excursion.

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Hong Kong Happenings

New Destinations, New Discoveries, and a New Definition of Success. My four short days in Hong Kong have been packed with concentrated activity, rich friendships, and meaningful work. This, my first trip to this extraordinary place, has been the perfect blend of adventure, culture, business, fitness, and play.

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