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There’s a fine line between “Thinking things over” and “Overthinking things.” This week will help you recognize when you’re thinking […]

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Cut the Buts

Are you unintentionally putting others off when trying to persuade? This week’s video offers a simple, effective tweak to your […]

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First Thoughts

What if you could have valuable answers and insights far more quickly? This week’s video will help you hone and […]

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1 Step Back 3 Steps Forward

You’re familiar with the reality of “one step forward, two steps back.” This week’s video teaches you to flip that […]

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The Show Must Go On

What happens when you have multiple, live virtual events following tropical storms and power outages? This exciting and (now) hilarious […]

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All In

Do you have clarity about your next move? This week’s video will help you see the opportunities and go “all in” with more confidence and purpose.

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