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Doing What it Takes

Doing What It Takes. I don’t always travel like a rock star. I do what it takes. Last week was a fantastic combination of opportunities. I was honored to work with three incredible organizations and help their teams realize new breakthroughs in thinking and performance.

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Going Pro

It all came down to the flip of a coin. Do you remember the moment you made the choice to fully engage your profession and become a serious player? Have you even made that choice – to fully test your abilities, learn, grow, and contribute your best efforts?

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Masterminding Your Business

Taking time to reflect, plan and commit to a future path is essential to success, and yet so easy to subjugate to life’s urgencies and distractions. We must create those moments on purpose. We Become Like the People We Hang Out With

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Dealing with Difficult People

How to Manage and Improve Challenging Relationships. Each day gives us the power to choose – what we will do, how we will think, and with whom we will interact. But let’s face it. Sometimes we just have to deal with the circumstances and personalities that are thrust before us.

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Safe Danger

Dan Thurmon’s Safe Danger presentation is like no other safety program you’ve ever experienced. Dan teaches and visually illustrates effective strategies for recognizing hazards in the workplace and managing the undeniable risks that are present.

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TEDx Experience at Penn State

What do you get when you combine insightful and diverse artists, entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, speakers and storytellers? Before you answer, let’s add superior production value, a beautiful auditorium and 1,000 audience members who are eager to learn and participate.

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