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Listen Louder

When the noise of the world becomes deafening, you may need to adjust your approach to listening. This week’s video […]

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Holiday Gratitude

Yesterday, I took a break from Christmas to record this message – both sharing thanks, and encouraging one small action […]

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My Last Speech

If you knew you had just one last chance to contribute something meaningful or express how you feel, how would […]

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Voices Carry

Your voice is an instrument of influence for all you say, script, or “sing!” This week’s video will help you […]

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How to Influence a Billion People

Your work, words, and life have enormous potential to impact others. With intention, in fact, you can reach one billion […]

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Help the Hurt

When you encounter people who are hurting, how will you respond? From Los Angeles, here are three ways to make a […]

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