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Truly Grateful

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the United States…. and to those in other countries, as well. After all, even if it isn’t your holiday, it’s never inappropriate to adopt, as the saying goes, an “attitude of gratitude,” being thankful for all we’ve received in life.

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The Power of Play

This week my wife, kids, and I were on TV, featured on a program called Atlanta & Company. The segment is called “Proud Parent,” and we certainly fit the bill! 

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Masterminding Your Business

Taking time to reflect, plan and commit to a future path is essential to success, and yet so easy to subjugate to life’s urgencies and distractions. We must create those moments on purpose. We Become Like the People We Hang Out With

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Dealing with Difficult People

How to Manage and Improve Challenging Relationships. Each day gives us the power to choose – what we will do, how we will think, and with whom we will interact. But let’s face it. Sometimes we just have to deal with the circumstances and personalities that are thrust before us.

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Discretionary Effort

In a world where convenience is king, we have lost something truly important. The search for short cuts, quick fixes and instant everything comes at a cost. The “get ‘r done” mindset and elevation of all that is “easy,” has caused us to overlook an essential fact:

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Renewing Your Vows

Banff, Alberta. I’m here with my wife, Shay, enjoying a few spectacular days at the Banff Springs Hotel. The initial reason for the trip is a speech I will deliver here tomorrow.

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