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Renewing Your Vows

Banff, Alberta. I’m here with my wife, Shay, enjoying a few spectacular days at the Banff Springs Hotel. The initial reason for the trip is a speech I will deliver here tomorrow.

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Back to School

This week I enjoyed a very special and wonderful life experience. I was invited to speak for a group of young leaders at Brookwood High School, near my home.

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The True Gift of Gratitude

Thank you. Those two words are among the most powerful in any language. These simple words can make all the difference to their intended recipient – acknowledging effort, rewarding excellence, or simply bringing joy. Conversely, the absence of those words can spawn resentment and animosity.

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A Lifetime, Accomplished

This weekend I lost a dear friend, a mentor, and a role model of the highest magnitude. John Goddard, world-renowned adventurer, pilot, author, and goal-achiever extraordinaire passed away Friday evening at the age of 88. He is survived by his wife, Carol, and six children.

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First Day on the Job

In my line of work, I am nearly always entering a scene in progress. The players involved know each other well, and their roles and stories are well defined.

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