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Challenging Gravity

Are you using gravity to your advantage? Let’s talk about physical tests, serious quests, and extreme opportunities. WATCH THE VIDEO. […]

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Power Up Your Purpose

Your sense of purpose equates to the power of your intentions and the level at which you contribute. But where […]

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Go Faster, Better

If you find yourself racing to keep pace with life, you may be missing an important key to progress. This […]

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Raise Your Lows

We all have high and low moments. But do you have a strategy to lessen the impact and duration of […]

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Bridging Left and Right

How do you thrive in a divisive world, where people hold vastly different opinions, views, and values? This week’s video […]

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Getting Over “Overwhelmed”

Do you frequently feel overwhelmed? This week’s video will help you understand and get past that condition so that you […]

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