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Better Words, Better World

With all the pain, conflict, and turmoil in the world, what can you do to make a positive difference? The answer just might be on the tip of your tongue. This week, you’ll learn how to choose better words to create and experience a better world, inside and out.

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Crossing the Gap

What could walking a “slack rope” possibly teach you about focus and accomplishment? Turns out, quite a lot!

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Feeling Down

This week’s topic: What do you do when you feel down or depressed? Or what do you tell someone else who feels that way?

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Right Side of Wrong

Throughout our lives, we encounter people, situations, and circumstances that strike a nerve and cause us to cry out: “That’s not fair!” “That is so wrong!” “That pisses me off!”… or some version of the same sentiment. You get the point.

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Great Expectations

What do you expect out of life? You’ve probably heard, or perhaps even offered some version of this advice: Lower your expectations, so that you won’t be disappointed when life lets you down.

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